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Crime Stoppers of York County

  1. Crime Stoppers of York County

    Please fill out the following information the best you can with as much accurate information you can. Do not give your name or inormation, just give the suspect or crime information.

  2. Description: (Including but not limited to Who, What, When, Where, How do you know)

  3. Murder, Burglary, Theft, Armed Robbery, etc.

  4. White, Black, Asian, etc...

  5. Male/Female

  6. Also add if the suspect tends to change / dye hair.

  7. Include Work Schedule if Known

  8. Make, Model, Year, Color

  9. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat, Etc.

  10. Does the Suspect have the following:

    Click all that apply.

  11. School Related Violence and/or Bullying

  12. Who, What, When, Number of People Involved, etc.

  13. Include any other additional information not asked above: Instances of Domestic Abuse. Who else has information about this? Number of childrenv possibly involved.

  14. Are you interested in receiving a reward?

  15. How Does Crime Stoppers Work?

  16. Crime Stoppers of York County is a program that offers citizens a safe, secure and totally anonymous way to help their police in solving crimes, seizing illegal drugs, recovering stolen property and putting criminals behind bars.

  17. 1. The media publishes information about crimes which have been difficult to solve, or advertise persons wanted on outstanding criminal charges.

  18. 2. Persons with information about a crime, or the whereabouts of a wanted criminal, call the 24-hour confidential tips line, at 1-877-409-4321.

  19. 3. Callers are assigned a tip number by the call taker. The information is then investigated by the police.

  20. 4. If the information leads to an arrest or solves a crime, the Crime Stoppers Board of Directors meets to review the cases, and approve cash rewards for callers whose information has helped the police.

  21. 5. Callers, never seen by police, get their reward of up to $1000 in cash by picking up a reward check at a local bank. Callers never reveal their names or testify in court.

  22. How to Send a Tip

  23. If you wish to help Crime Stoppers of York County, help other York County Law Enforcement agencies crimes, while remaining anonymous, and be eligible for a cash reward of up to $1000, there are two methods to choose:

  24. 1. You may call our 24-hour, confidential tips line at 1-877-409-4321. This phone line is NOT traced, recorded, or caller I.D. used. You do not give your name, just your information.

  25. 2. You may leave your tip in the space provided below. This information is electronically sent to the Crime Stoppers tip center, where it is then forwarded to the police agency over the case. No email user name, or ISP identification is received by the police. Your tip is just as anonymous as a phone call.

  26. How to Claim a Reward

  27. 1. To claim a reward, or check on the status of your tip, call program coordinator, Lt. Kevin Jones at (803) 628-5998. He will answer your questions.

  28. 2. Remember, you NEVER meet the police, and you NEVER give your name, just your information.

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